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7/18/2018 4:44:59 AM

I met her in one of the social gatherings of the company I am working in. She was wearing this elegant black dress that just suits her perfectly and as I saw her walk toward me, I just thought the world stopped. She was the date of my workmate and by the time I found that out, I thought I wouldn’t have the chance. Then again, heaven played its games and I learned they were siblings. I couldn’t figure it out before, but I was glad that they are. I did not wait a second longer and made my move. We started hanging out and eventually we dated. I know it would sound silly saying I was the happiest man back then, but I’ll take my chance. We then decided to live under the same roof after dating for two years. After a year and a half, she started feeling dizzy. She keeps vomiting and she sometimes faints. I was getting really worried so we decided to go to the hospital where we found out that she is pregnant. I rejoiced at the news but she was disappointed. I admit that she is quite young for my age but she is already in the right age for motherhood. In fact, I was all ready to marry her. Unfortunately, she was devastated upon hearing the news of having a baby. She told me she isn’t ready yet. I get it that women from USA are career-minded individuals, but this is a blessing. We are on separate paths on having the baby at the moment and I don’t know how I will be able to convince her.
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Home » Questions, Comments or Suggestions » I got her pregnant but she's not ready yet.