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7/25/2018 2:08:59 AM

One afternoon, I was cooking a foreign cuisine for lunch when my wife called me from our room. I stood up and headed to her while leaving my phone at the couch. The moment I stepped inside the room, I heard her sobs and I wonder why. I stepped closer, sat beside her and wiped her tears away. I asked her why but she just shook her head. I let her cry in my shoulders until she felt relaxed. Few minutes after, she started talking. I faced her as she tried to gain composure. I asked her what happened and she said she wants a divorce. I wasn’t able to respond. My eyes went wide. I asked why. She said she doesn’t love me anymore. I told her that whatever problem we had can still be fixed and that divorce is not a solution. I told her how much I love her but she seemed deaf to my words. It seemed like her decision was final. She stood up and said, “Please make it happen.” I didn’t know what to think when she said those words. I love her but she’s not happy with me anymore. Should I let her go or maybe try to work this out? How could she end our marriage that easy?
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Home » Marriage » She ended our marriage that easy.