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9/12/2019 1:34:25 AM

Collagen Select Vitamin C, maximum contained in lemon, is an essential issue within the metabolism and nutrients of tissues. Many in this product and nutrients A, B 1, B 2, D, P, as well as natural acids and sucrose. In domestic cosmetology is generally used peel, pulp and lemon juice. Lemon will assist cleanse the pores and skin from useless cells, enhance the complexion, get rid of vascular sample from it. To do this, you simply want to wipe the face with a slice of lemon every day, the juice of which, way to enzymes, will refresh the pores and skin. Especially endorsed for its use in difficult and oily skin. You also can blend 1/2 a pitcher of vodka with lemon juice and whipped protein. If the pores and skin is sensitive, undiluted lemon juice is better no longer to apply. This is a reasonably aggressive beauty agent, and is better to apply it with the addition of water, boiled or mineral, a 1: 1 ratio. Lemon lotion is useful inside the presence of acne. After making use of the lotion, it's miles higher now not to wipe or rinse the pores and skin of the face. For sensitive and dry skin, it's far higher to make lotion from the juice of 1/2 a lemon, a teaspoon of glycerin and a quarter of a tumbler of water, and wipe your face day by day within the morning in preference to the same old washing. If the pores and skin is regular, you can make toilet water for each day care. To do this, blend lemon juice with a pitcher of water and leave for a day in a dark, cool place. And with the addition of table vinegar in it, you'll get a as an alternative powerful treatment for pigment spots and undesirable freckles. In addition, loose and oily pores and skin because of such an emulsion will become an awful lot more energizing and advantage its former elasticity. It is important to apply any way to acquire the fine result often, with patience and with out disappointment: after the first course the result can be insignificant.

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