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How Long Should We Wait to Get Married


                Marriage is a huge step and should not be rushed into or taken lightly.  It is extremely important to know the person you are getting married to very well.  Please make sure you have talked with them about any questions, fears and desires you might have.

                Sometimes people rush into marriage forgetting their family plays a huge part in their intended marriage.  It is true that when you marry a person then you have married his/her family.  A family can help keep a marriage together and going strong as well as a family can tear a marriage apart.   It’s best for each person to meet the other’s family and make sure that they are welcomed into the family.

                Finances are one very important factor that couples seem to forget to thoroughly talk about before marriage.  It is kind of a scary subject because finances are also a big problem that causes many divorces.  Because finances are so important they should be made a high priority to discuss way before the marriage takes place.  All financial goals should be made between the individuals for the next few years to come. This will cut down on any issues and problems that could arise in the future that can destroy a marriage quickly.

                With such important matters at hand that can affect a marriage such as the family and finances it’s important to not rush into a marriage.  If you feel like you are going to die if you’re not married soon then chances are that you are suffering from Lust, not Love.  Love can wait until all matters are worked out allowing you to build a strong foundation for your marriage to stand and last on.  If rushed the foundation might be weak causing your marriage to fall apart.

                So when is the right time?  If she is ready and he is still having questions or the other way around then it is better to wait until you both are comfortable and in the end you will have a wedding that everyone is happy with.  If you have a feeling that you are rushed then chances are you are rushed and you should just slow down to take time to think about everything and make sure you are doing the right thing.  You don't want to end up in a marriage that is a mistake but rather one that is pleasing to Allah.  


Written by: Heather El Khiyari   

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