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We at hope that you will enjoy our site.  First before registering please read thru our terms and conditions.  If you continue to register and use services you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions posted hear on  If you do not agree to these terms then do not finish registering and please leave our site, we can not be of service to you unless you agree to our terms and conditions.  If you happen to have any questions then please email us at .

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Any communication to a user from will come from thru email.


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By agreeing to terms and conditions agreement you are agreeing that have the right to change the site at any time either by look, words or descritipon.

Eligibility for use of is a Matrimonial service.  Members who are seriously seeking a partner for the sake of marriage only.   Non Muslim Men will be rejected from our site, due to it is not allowed in Islam for a Muslim women to marry non Muslim men.  Muslim, Jewish and Christian women are allowed sense Muslim Men are allowed to marry from the 3 religions, other religions not permitted on site.  This is a Muslim Matrimonial site that follows Islamic laws and we restrain the right to uphold the practice of Islam on sense it is a Muslim owned and operated web site.   We do so for the safety and comfort of our users.  We do not discriminate against other religions we just follow our religion and protect other users on our site who are of the Islamic faith.  If you are a non Muslim there are a lot of other sites to choose from regarding marriage.  We encourage you to partake in a site that is specified for your religion. You must be 18 years of age to use


Discontinuation of service

By agreeing to terms and conditions agreement you are agreeing that if you break any form of this contract that has the right to deleat your personnals ad and if you are a paying member that no refund will be given.


Dispute between users

If there is a dispute between users then will try to help solve any problems but will not be held responsible for any outcome.  If it is a situation that persists then has the right to deleat one of or both or more users.


Exemption of liability is just providing the service of use for muslims to meet other muslims who are looking to get married.  By agreeing to terms and conditions you agree that will are not to be held responsible for any outcomes of your experance on our site.


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At this time, is just starting of as a business.  We will not be chargin for membership or use of any service on this site.  However in the future as our cliental builds up in number we will start to charge for membership.  A advance notice will be posted on the sites homepage.  So take advantage of it while you can.



At this time membership is open to all users until further notice.


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We at will not give out any of your information.  All emails from other users will go to your inbox on our website, they will only get your email if you give it to them. 


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All profiles must be made up by the individual the site is for unless the individual does not speak English and in that case it must be according to what that individual tells the translator to put and the profile must admit to the individual not knowing English.


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Users have the right to fill out a personal profile as long as they agree to terms and conditions.