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How to Get the Most Out Of a Muslim Matrimonial Site


           On Muslim matrimonial sites you often find people who know a lot about how these sites work and then you also find many who are new and are just learning how to use the site tools.  This article is for those of you who are new to help you get going and familiar with how a Muslim matrimonial site works.

            Muslim matrimonial sites have been known to be a big help to Muslims worldwide in finding a spouse but at the same time many have signed up to sites just to be confused and unaware of the many tools there to help.

            The first tool we will look at is the search option.  The search option is where you are given a few choices to help you find who you are looking for.  Often times a simple search option is not enough to help members find a few suitable possibilities.  In addition to the simple search is the extended search option which corrects the failure of the simple search in finding a suitable match.  On an extended search you have many more options to choose from that will search over the profiles of all the members on the site.  This will bring those who meet exactly what you want to your screen for you to scroll through.

            Another good tool is both the ability to email and wink and Salams.  An email is a fast and actually the best form of contact on a Muslim matrimonial however some sites do charge.  The sites that do charge may in addition have the wink/Salams tool.  A wink/Salams tool is basically where you send a notice through the site to another member that you are interested in and if that member turns out to be a paying member and if they are interested in you then they might email you.  It’s basically a discreet and polite way to say “Hello, I’m interested”.

            Aside from the contact tools is the block tool.  On Muslim matrimonial sites you just might run into a few people you rather not communicate with and who just don’t understand “Please don’t contact me again”.  So, rather than having to constantly put up with these unwanted emails, you now have the ability to block emails from them.  Please be advised that not all Muslim matrimonial sites have the block options but for those that do, it’s a great tool to have.

            By understanding the Muslim matrimonial sites tools you can have an enjoyable experience.  When you do create an account on a Muslim matrimonial site, make sure to take a few minutes to get familiar with all of its features and keep in mind that for most people it takes time to find their match.

Written by: Heather El Khiyari   

Owner of: