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How to Let Someone Know That You Are Interested


           On a Muslim matrimonial site you will often have two ways to contact another member, either by email or by giving a wink/Salam.   Most often on a Muslim matrimonial if you contact a person in any way then he/she will automatically think that you are interested.

            It’s very important when sending an email to use words of respect.  Often times people type what first comes to mind rather than taking the time to read over and clarify their thoughts.  This type of careless emails sometimes turns people off resulting in no responses or a “No Thanks” or an “I’m Not Interested” type of response which no one wants.  So, I can’t stress enough how much you want for your words to be well written so that they will be taken the right way.

            In conclusion, if you are shy then try the wink/Salams and let the other person take the next step.  This way you can get an idea as to if they are interested in you or more from their words about what kind of thoughts they might have.  If you are courageous and sure of yourself then go for an email, try to sound confident but not like you have a big ego and see what happens!

Written by: Heather El Khiyari   

Owner of: