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How to Turn Someone Down In a Polite Way

            So, you got an email from this person who is very interested in you, you checked out their profile and for some reason or another you are just not interested in them.  Now you wonder what to do.  Well let me give you some ideas on what to do in a situation like this and help you look at it from a clear prospective.

            Most people in this situation don’t respond however this leaves the sender in suspense.  The sender at this point might be debating if they should send another message wondering if you had gotten the first email or not. Keep in mind that this is an individual who took the time to send to you an email opening up a door of emotion to you, making themselves vulnerable to your acceptance or denial.

            The best way to respond is a short message no longer then a sentence such as a “No thank you, I am not interested.” Leave it short so not to encourage further discussion.  At this point you have acknowledged their email so that they have no doubt that you got it and they know that you are not interested in them.

            Most people after receiving a polite rejection email will forget and move on.  However there are some who do not know how to accept rejection and they may email you back with “why are you not interested in me?” or some type of email along this type of subject.   If and when it has moved to this level it is best not to respond and simply use your block tool to protect yourself from any further contact with this type of individual. 

            It is always best to try to be polite in your words when dealing with another Muslim.  Try to put yourself in their shoes when rejecting them so that you would use words with them that you yourself could stand to receive.

Written by: Heather El Khiyari   

Owner of: