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For technical support, please email us at

How to create a profile: Go to home page, click on Sign up. After clicking on Sign up you should be directed to a survey page that is asking for your personal information. Make sure to answer all questions. If you leave any questions blank the profile page will not allow your profile to be created.

How to remove a profile: Log into your account and click the Edit/View Profile link. On the right side of the page, click on 'Delete Profile'.

Safety of personal information: We do not give out your email address, name or password. Any other information that you put on your profile will show to all users. We will never sell your email address.

Importance of a photo: We encourage you to post a photo of yourself (dress must meet our photo rules). By posting a photo you are increasing your chances of being contacted or after contacting another member you are increasing the likelihood that they would contact you back. In Islam we are told to keep our eyes lowered, however for the purpose of marriage you may see the individual while he or she is dressed according to modest Islamic dress standards. We are aware that there are a number of brothers and sisters that believe that a certain Hadith does not allow for pictures to be taken, we respect your point of view and allow that you post a photo of something that best describes your personality however there are limits and it must follow our photo guidelines.

How do I post a photo?: Scan a photo then upload from your computer to the MMS site. If you do not have a scanner we suggest you talk with your friends who might have one or see if there is a Cyber net or Cyber café near your home that you can go to that may have a scanner, also a school or university may also have one. Other ways of putting your photo on a computer is a digital camera or a web cam, then capturing the photo of yourself then saving to the computer.

Memberships and Costs: We only have 1 type of Membership and it is completely free that allows you to create a profile, upload a photo and contact other members giving out your personal email to them thought our email system.

Emails deleted by website: Emails that have been deleted can not be retrieved. If you have received a notice that you got an email then when you sign in you can not find it, it is likely that the sender deleted his/her account or that the member was deleted by us due to sending spam that had nothing to do with interest in marriage or the intent of this site.

Spammers: Many matrimonial sites get spammers, it is a very common problem that all sites have. There are individuals who will sign up to sites like this one just to send out hundreds of messages asking for money with some long heart breaking story to create sympathy and guilt you into giving them money or allowing them to send money to your bank account. Also there are many who will sign up to sites like this to send out many messages claiming that they are hiring for a job. The truth: these individuals want your bank account information so that they can steal your money or other information or to get money from you because they are lazy bums who want to make money for nothing and do not care who they harm in the process. For further information go to Google and type in Nigerian scam.

Unable to log into account?: Our site is case sensitive meaning that if you use upper case letters when signing up then you should use the same when signing in, or if you used lower case letters then you should use the same when signing in. If that does not work think back to what you posted when you signed in, if you posted something that referred to sex, sent messages that looked like spam, insulted another user or broke any of our rules then chances are your account was deleted. If you still can not sign in and are sure you have done nothing wrong then please contact us and let us know of your problem.

Forgotten user name or password?: Go to the login box on the home page. On the bottom left click on “forgot password” then type in your email address (must be the same that you supplied when signing up for your account) and our site will email the password you supplied when you created your profile.