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7/29/2010 5:06:46 AM
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A chatroom would be nice AllahHafiz
3/13/2016 4:35:38 AM

I do agree a chat room would be a good idea.
10/29/2016 2:23:12 AM
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asalam alaikom respected muslim borthers and sisters ,, i have seen many people are in favor of chatroom but for me , i think it will not be a good option. i have seem some chat rooms where people violate the environment and mostly they abuse our respected sisters because they do not know their personality. Many people are not serious for nikah and want something different and such people spoil the chat rooms environment. the private chat is better in this case. we should respect each other and if someone is not interested to talk to you , you must let them to their own rather than bothering or abusing. May ALLAH give them the best match who are serious for nikah.. best of luck to all brothers and sisters.
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