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4/22/2018 11:35:57 PM
topic: How long should I wait until I'll propose to my gf

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I met my girlfriend in a foreign dating event and we have been in a relationship for a year and a few months now. Although, we are in a long distance relationship, I am confident that we are quite serious about each other. We talk every single day and we have a lot of plans for the future. From time to time, we talk about weddings, kids, and all that stuff but we’ve never really discussed it thoroughly.

Lately, serious thoughts about marriage have been popping up in my mind for some reason. This makes me curious as to when my girlfriend and I should get married. I can see a bright future with my current girlfriend but it might be too soon to judge. How long should couples wait until the ultimate question is popped?
4/20/2018 5:27:28 AM
topic: It's been a year and I haven't moved on yet

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The pain has kept me from moving forward. I thought it will be her I’ll be spending my life with. She was almost perfect not until I caught her cheating on me. I still love her, and I can’t just forget about her. My friends are telling me I’m a fool for being this foolish for long. They always remind me that life must go on and I should not be so stagnant with what my situation is now. They keep on telling me to look beyond, like involving myself with other activities, date again with old acquaintances, entertain dating foreign events, or go to clubs and bars. Will these really help?
4/20/2018 2:26:28 AM
topic: Horseback riding for our first monthsary as a coup

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My wife wants to experience horseback riding. It’s our first week here in Denver, Colorado so I also want to experience some great activities in the area. And trying horseback riding might be a great idea. My beautiful wife and I have been married for a month already. The foreign dating event which I attended some months ago was the main channel for our paths to cross. Since then, I enjoyed doing outdoor activities with her since she’s an adventurous woman. And this horseback riding might ease her longing for a thrilling activity. So please tell me the place where we can do that. Any idea?
4/20/2018 12:42:26 AM
topic: Call me desperate, but I need a wife now!

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Call me desperate, but I need a wife now! My grandma is blackmailing me. She said I won’t get my fair share of inheritance if I don’t get a wife this instant. But man, it’s not that easy! I have been single for 2 years now and it’s hard to just pick up a girl and marry her! My crazy friends suggested about attending a foreign dating event two months from now. They said it’s easier to get someone there. But dude, I want someone whom I will call my own. You know, a woman I can love for long, even until I die. Will this help? Please tell me!
3/23/2018 2:26:34 AM
topic: He's No Good Anymore

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I got married last December to a man I met on a matchmaking tour, a service under a foreign dating site. He was very kind to me, very sweet and caring. When we started living together it was fine. He would take care of me when I was feeling sick and made promises. After a few months of being together, he’s become lazy. He stays home most of the time, I’m not even sure he still has his job. He’s such a slob now. He leaves his unfinished food on the floor next to the couch and expects me to keep on following him to clean it up. It’s like I’m raising a child. I mean I do love him, but should I leave him?
3/16/2018 1:47:31 AM
topic: Matchmaker... yay or nay? Advice!

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I am such a hopeless romantic that I tried my hand in matchmaking. I recommended, practically forced to be honest, my friend Greg to go on one of those matchmaking tours you see online or in movies. And guess what? Till now he thanks me every time we bump into each other in person because he’s that grateful! He met this down to earth Russian lady and he’s always been interested in the culture so that was a total bonus. They are just so perfect for each other! They’re even expecting a baby in a couple months, even promised to name the baby after me!
3/15/2018 2:11:45 AM
topic: Second thoughts...?

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I attended a foreign dating event last September and it was pretty good. Met this lovely Ukrainian lady and we started seeing each other. I’m not really the type that believes in marriage all that much, especially since we’ve only known each other for less than a year. My problem is that she is sorta rushing me into things I don’t quite wanna get into yet and I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this too because I can’t be the only one. I know these foreign dating events are intended for marriage but does it have to be that fast? Can’t we wait a few more years to know for sure it lasts? It’s like all the women want to get married in the first few months of getting to know each other. I don’t want to be tied down if it ain’t gonna work out in the long run.
3/14/2018 3:35:52 AM
topic: Behaving like a true Filipino

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Filipinos are considered the most hospitable people in Asia. I can testify this myself since I’m happily married to a Filipina. She has all the traits I want my wife to have. She is just so perfect to me. Now, she’s bearing our first child. I am so excited! I am so happy being with her.

I met my wife in an Asian date tour. Since then, my life changed for the better. She was the one who filled this emptiness in me. She literally completed my life. Right after our marriage, I began embracing the Filipino culture. I studied some traits, culture and traditions and applied it to myself and to our home. I guess, this is a good act to show my wife I value her culture.

Behaving like a true Filipino is not hard nor is it easy but it came naturally to me. Now, I’m enjoying our married life. In 5 months’ time, we’ll be welcoming our first baby, our first blessing. We’ll raise the baby with pure love and affection. I’ll teach our child the good traits his mom has.

What about your marriage story? Share your experiences and let’s talk about it.
3/12/2018 5:17:18 AM
topic: Changing my civil status, single to in a relations

Posts 1
I’ve been single for 2 years now, no headaches with going out for dates and social engagements with a girlfriend. I’m happy with this scenario but I could still feel something’s missing. I mean, questions like, “How can I be totally happy?” and “How can I be more satisfied with my life?” always come up.

I am also living alone, specifically on the West side of the States. I have my business situated in the city where I’m in, have my other job also in the area. Well, for 15 years of living by myself, I can say, looking for a partner has always been a very big thing for me. I dated a lot before but I always end up failing, nobody takes me seriously and I don’t have any idea why. And that’s when I decided to be single for years.

Now, I’m thinking about getting myself involved with love and affection again. My friends are encouraging me to be in a relationship again to avoid being alone for the rest of my life. They have a point and to be honest, I need someone to fill that emptiness inside me and having a girlfriend might help.

I’m not really particular with my partner, as long as she is faithful and can be a great wife if we reach that point of getting married. My friends even joked about me joining dating holiday tours. I was really stunned with that idea, it’s only a joke but I could give it a try.

What do you think? What should be done to meet the woman I could call my own? Is joining dating holiday tours applicable? Or just hang out with some old sweethearts and see where it takes us?! Thanks, Y'all! I would really appreciate your responses!
3/9/2018 12:54:48 AM
topic: Travel with love.

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I lived in the same place my whole life till I turned 30. Being around the same people does feel comfortable and warming, but after awhile an itch comes around to push you to explore. Now I love foreign tours! I’ve been to Bangkok, Medellin, Davao, Kiev, Peru, Costa Rica, you name it! It’s just so exhilarating to see all the historic monuments and just feel the culture! The events are beautiful, as so are the ladies. Money well spent I’d say!
3/8/2018 1:53:43 AM
topic: Grow old together kind of Love.

Posts 2
My parents have been happily married for 20 years, and you wouldn’t think that they would have met through something such as foreign matchmaker tours you see online. They met in Columbia and married not long after that. You can tell just how compatible they are by how they look in each other's eyes. My dad always says it was the best decision he ever made, and that made me want to experience that too. So, expect me to join one soon! Maybe I’ll even meet my soulmate! I am ecstatic even! What do you guys think?
3/8/2018 1:53:42 AM
topic: Grow old together kind of Love.

Posts 2
My parents have been happily married for 20 years, and you wouldn’t think that they would have met through something such as foreign matchmaker tours you see online. They met in Columbia and married not long after that. You can tell just how compatible they are by how they look in each other's eyes. My dad always says it was the best decision he ever made, and that made me want to experience that too. So, expect me to join one soon! Maybe I’ll even meet my soulmate! I am ecstatic even! What do you guys think?
3/7/2018 1:12:08 AM
topic: Amazing event and amazing people.

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Soooo I went to this foreign dating event thing overseas, and to say I was shocked would be an understatement. Just imagine beautiful women of all sorts of ethnicities and nationalities and stuff all in one venue!

Yeah sure it may have cost a small fortune but it was worth it, the atmosphere was just so friendly and the view from the hotel was amazing! Not to mention the food. All different kinds of cuisines from all over. The women were jaw dropping as well! I say money well spent. What about you guys? Would you consider traveling if it meant experiencing the things I’ve mentioned? Big Grin
3/6/2018 3:08:31 AM
topic: Ideas on common mistakes I must avoid during tour.

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I want to ask about the things I should avoid doing during a singles tour… I’ve decided to purchase a tour package to Cebu, Philippines from A Foreign Affair. I’m a travel enthusiast and I’m also looking for love. When I saw this package, I didn’t hesitate at all. But it will be my first time attending one and while the decision was made out of a whim, I still want to achieve success.

I’d really like to hear from anyone here who has experienced or joined a singles tour before. Would really appreciate if someone could fill me in on the know-how, what-not and what to expect. Thanks!
3/5/2018 3:06:32 AM
topic: Growing old with her.

Posts 1
Before I met my wife, I was really down. I’ve experienced a lot of rejections from all the girls I’ve dated. I didn’t know if I was bad at courting them. As far as I remember, I gave my all, my time, my energy, my money… but still, I ended up failing. I was jealous of how my friends are in a stable and happy relationship. It makes me wonder what they did to achieve that kind of happiness... have I done everything I can? I guess, I didn’t. It’s really true that “Almost is never enough”.

After my drama over my failure in dating, I decided to try matchmaking services of a reputable site. They told me to look on some of the profiles of women beyond my country. I viewed on some photos of Latinas, Asians, Europeans, and Russians. I was really stunned with the women. They are all gorgeous and beautiful. Never in my life did I see a lot of beautiful women who are hopeful in finding their man. Looking for true love.

After thorough scanning of the site’s interface and viewing of the women’s profile, I registered to the site and decided to a Singles Tour for Ukraine. There, I met my wife Olga. She is stunning and kind. I was mesmerized by how she carried herself and I fell for her completely, the rest is history.

Together we built a home full of joy and happiness. We are also blessed with having 2 kids. We created a happy family. Growing old with her would be a journey of a lifetime.

What about your marriage life? Did you experience what I’d experienced before? Feel free to comment and let’s talk about it.
3/1/2018 4:24:50 AM
topic: Looking for a gift I can send to my girlfriend.

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I would like to give my girlfriend a gift. Something practical, something she can use and something she will definitely like. I’m embarrassed to admit but I’m really bad when it comes to gift choices. Hence, I am here looking for some great suggestion from you all.

I met my Filipina girlfriend when I registered in a site called LoveMe and we’ve been together for half a year. We have yet to meet face to face but we’ve had video calls. She’s been pretty amazing and we’ve planned to meet on March 15th this year, for now I just want to send her a gift to show her how special she is to me. What should I send to her?

I really need some advice and great suggestions! HELP!
3/1/2018 3:25:15 AM
topic: I don't approve of my dad's relationship... I need

Posts 1
My dad went on a single tour last month in Shenzhen, China held by A Foreign Affair. She met Liu and it seems like they’ve hit it off. That’s all great and I’m happy to see my dad happy but… Liu is only 4 years older than me! It almost makes me feel that my dad is dating a friend of mine.

Liu is a good person. I’ve talked with her and I know she’s a genuine person who can definitely make my dad happy. I just can’t help but worry and feel dislike towards the idea that my dad is hitting it off with someone who could as easily have been one of my girlfriends.

My worry is mostly the fact that she’s still young and she can definitely still find someone else. Someone younger than my dad too. Though, I’ve mentioned that I know she’s a good person but with her age, it’s still possible for her to still start anew with a man that can sway her feelings. While my dad is already at an age where someone who will stay with him definitely is better.

I can’t decide for my dad nor say anything about his situation since he knows it better than anyone… but as his daughter, I have a free reign to worry. It’s not like my notions are baseless… or is it? I want my dad to be happy, if Liu is really someone who would make him happy then I’ll make sure to accept their relationship.

At this moment, I can’t. I guess I should give her a chance since it’s roughly been a month since they met. I might even be overreacting, but I think I need to prepare myself just in case. I just need someone to make me feel assured about all of this. Any advice for me? I honestly don’t know what to do…
2/21/2018 1:07:54 AM
topic: My girlfriend talks about settling down... what do

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My Colombian girlfriend has been hinting that she wants to settle down and get married soon. She started talking about having kids and how many. Despite all that sounding great, I do believe that we’re not ready for it. It has only been 7 months since we met through LoveMe site and despite things going well and serious between us, I still think we’re not in a stage where we should be talking about marriage.

We’ve already met and it has only been twice since we’ve been together face to face and although I agree that the distance is really troublesome, I want us to progress in a healthy time and way. I don’t want to hurt her when I talk to her about the fact that I get a bit uncomfortable when she talks about “starting a family.” Even though we are both financially stable and I know that we can afford to do all that… I just don’t feel that it’s the right time.

It’s not like I’m saying that I won’t be marrying her nor do I have no intentions to… it’s just that, it’s not the time for me yet. So how can I tell her without hurting her feelings? I don’t want to lose her and I don’t want this to be a reason for trouble between us, especially with this distance… what should I do? I need HELP!
2/15/2018 12:49:15 AM
topic: Going overseas for our honeymoon

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And we just got married…
I promised Elaine, my now wife, that we’ll travel overseas for our honeymoon. I’ve been looking for some beautiful destinations to visit starting next week, but to no avail, I just can’t decide. This escapade will last for a month so I need to choose the best. I want what’s best for her, I mean every man does. For every guys out there, I know you feel the same way like giving the best for your woman.

I met Elaine at AFA’s tour in Thailand. Before deciding to go to Thailand, I was a little bit hesitant. I was thinking that I might just be wasting my time there. But after many deliberations, and probably out of curiosity, I decided to go. I was not that excited when the plane landed to Bangkok. The staff greeted us and took us to a very luxurious hotel. The time came to meet the women, man, all my life I’ve never been surrounded by a lot of beautiful and alluring ladies. Excitement came and I enjoyed the night talking to them. And there I met Elaine, probably the most beautiful woman that night. I just can’t take my eyes off her. I talked to her a lot and asked her for a date.

She said yes and our relationship have gone deeper until we came to the point of getting married.
I promised her I would take her abroad after our wedding. Now, I’m here asking for advice on places newly-wed couple should go. A place romantic enough to enjoy quality time together. So can anyone here give me some options? Asia? Africa? Croatia? I need your help ASAP!
2/13/2018 5:18:56 AM
topic: How do you know it's the right time to settle down

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I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now… we’re in a long distance relationship and I met her through this site called LoveMe. We’ve met when I visited her in Bangkok, Thailand and things have been going really well between us. The distance has been weighing on us and it’s obviously frustrating. We’ve been talking about what it would be like living together and surprisingly have been fun talking and thinking about it too… so now, I’ve been wondering.

Maybe it’s time that we think about settling down. But, maybe it’s because of the distance frustrating me that is making me think about these… so now, I’d like to ask, how do you know that it’s the right time to settle down? How do you know that it’s about time to think of marrying and starting a family? I am financially stable and I’m confident that I can support her as well. Although, having kids would be for a latter time.

But anyway, I really need advice… it is smart for me to think of popping the question?
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