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9/21/2018 2:21:58 AM
topic: Our 25th wed anniv. is coming. Need your suggestio

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What best gift should I get my wife for our upcoming 25th anniversary? I want to pay off all of her sacrifices during the 25 years of being my wife and a mother to our daughters. I can’t think of anything special to get her for. My eldest daughter suggested we should get her mother a new bag or shoes from a foreign brand. What I have in mind is a two to three days’ beach celebration. It’s more fun and memorable. What do you guys think?
9/20/2018 1:20:27 AM
topic: Will be proposing at ski trip this December!

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One of the things that excites my girlfriend is ski trip. I really don’t know why she really loves the snow. Actually, ski trip is on the top of her bucket list. She hasn’t tried it yet and I want her to be able to experience it with unforgettable memories. I’m planning to propose to her this coming December during a ski trip. When I get home this December, I’ll bring her to Ukraine or maybe Quebec City to take a ski trip and do my only intention-- to propose to her. I know it’s quite advanced but I’m excited though. Been preparing already! Wish me luck guys!
9/18/2018 1:45:42 AM
topic: I love her but she does not believe me at all.

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I had a long-time girlfriend before of four years. Three months after celebrating our fourth anniversary, I caught her cheating with my friend. I caught them red-handed which is why I broke up with her without further explanation. I took the opportunity my work has given me to work abroad for three years to manage a project we were trying to develop in Peru. Everyone in the managing team and even some of the other workers knew I just came from a breakup so they persuaded me to go clubbing with them and play around with some Peru women while I was there. I decided to just get along. I played around with whomever I came across there. I guess that was my way of trying to cope up with the situation I was in. I was nicknamed as “el jugador”. It was okay at first until I developed feelings for this certain woman. However, I find it difficult for her to believe me because of what I did before. I did change, I courted her and showed her that I was genuine and my intentions are pure but she still doesn't believe me. How do you think should make her believe me?
8/28/2018 12:49:35 AM
topic: Coming out to my parents is nerve-wracking

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Coming out to my friends is easy. But to my parents? Nahh, it was nerve-wracking…
I’ve been gay for almost all my life. I mean, when I was still in grade school, a foreign feeling for boys is what I’m already struggling before. I didn’t tell my parents about it until last monday. I was inspired by the movie “Love, Simon”. At first, my parents were asking me if I was just curious or not yet sure about what I said but I told them it’s true. My mom cried. But she accepted me anyway. Meanwhile, my dad hugged me tight and told me he loves me so much. I thought it will be hard for them but I was wrong. They accepted me for who I am and I’m very thankful for that. It’s still me. Do you have the same experience as mine?
8/12/2018 3:43:46 PM
topic: Looking for a Man with Specific Qualities

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I'm a practicing Muslim woman, well mannered and educated alhamodoillah.

What I'm looking for is a practicing Muslim man with strong and dominate personality, someone who would appreciate my submissive nature, and I want our marriage lifestyle to be based on this dynamic. If you are that man who is loving and caring, yet strict and responsible, please send me a message.

Thank you.
8/5/2018 8:39:14 AM
topic: salm

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for every son 4 daughteres, outside of voting for stateship leader needed, this fighting of youn good smelling wives is wrong, kafir system really ****ted here by giving woman info in head they need to vote
7/16/2018 1:13:31 PM
topic: My wife got impregnated by another man.

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Try to things you liked before you met your wife, and then think how was she your this hole seven year with you, if she was good
5/17/2018 1:00:36 AM
topic: Her son is making me feel so unwelcome

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I prepared well for that day, but my fiance's son is making me feel so unwelcome. I did what that marriage tours had suggested on meeting one’s fiance's family member, but it didn’t work so good. I know I did well on her parents but the problem is the kid. It seems like he doesn’t like me. I tried my best to look good in his front but to no avail--he just sneered at me. Wedding is happening in two weeks now and I need to win that kid’s heart first. What should I do?
1/14/2018 8:16:43 AM
topic: Muslim man wants to marry

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12/6/2017 5:00:52 AM
topic: Beautiful 99 Names Of Allah With Translation

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Asslam O alikum!
Mashaallah All the Names of Allah is beautiful!!
today my thought i share Prayers Timing http://www.namaztimings.net Because without prayers, Humain is nothing, Prayers Will keep Your heart strong....
edited by shayanali on 12/6/2017
edited by shayanali on 12/6/2017
11/12/2017 3:36:40 PM
topic: Muslim man wants to marry

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Assalaamu 'Alaikum. I'm not sure if this is going to work but I want to get married InshaAllah to someone who is religious. JazakAllahu Khairan
8/11/2017 7:38:01 AM
topic: Looking for Muslim women

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Hello everyone one here . assalamualaikum brothers and sisters.i ma here seriously looking for serious sister to do marriage.if any sister is interested you are welcome.i came here because I been witness of successful relationship started from here.and good luck for everyone one
8/9/2017 6:11:56 AM
topic: Muslim Sisters seeking a Muslim Husband

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We at Nikah destiny , understand what the worth can get to the lifetime of being by a wedding. It offers robust groundwork to life. By considering this most important thing in the mind we give our helpful hands to individuals who truly desire to lead a healthy and satisfied married life the most common and various Religion in Muslim Marriage Bureau

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8/3/2017 10:13:25 PM
topic: Seeking girl for marriage and masjid wedding

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Salam, I have expected to receive a response but i ain't stopped. I have been blessed to serve you with the addition of a dating service to my company product. I wish all the sisters to keep searching for a match with sincerity.
7/31/2017 2:47:29 PM
topic: Seeking girl for marriage and masjid wedding

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Send me your email address
7/31/2017 2:46:15 PM
topic: Seeking girl for marriage and masjid wedding

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I am honest and sincere with Yemeni Arab origins. I am seeking a woman for marriage(all wedding arrangements made by the masjid at low cost). Send me your and my social media company will invite for you to join me.
7/31/2017 2:17:50 PM
topic: Looking for a revert

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7/21/2017 2:43:18 AM
topic: Remembrance For Hardship

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“There is no God but Allah,the magnificent,the forbearing;there is no God but Allah,Lord of the Glorious Throne;there is no God but Allah,Lord of the Heaven and Earth,and Lord of the glorious Throne.”

Say Subhan Allah
6/1/2017 11:06:23 AM
topic: Please introduce yourself to one another

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Assalamu aleikum i am waliyy
5/17/2017 12:21:23 PM
topic: What is your favorite verse from the Quran

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One of my favourite chapters of the holy Quran is Moomin, meaning Muslim believer. I have thought a great deal about it and it has inspired me to write the following article to share with the whole world:

Polygamy is honoured in Islam for good reason. Islam allows polygamy but only to very few and those men of special rank and high status. It is also circumstantial and can be an absolute necessity. A leader of a nation or community would know that when he faces a difficult challenge and the problem is too worrying.

The most important and first consideration is doing justice and second is affordability. Its a challenge to most senior people in society. It is better to stay married with one wife than to marry more than one if a Muslim is not 100 percent sure he could do full justice to all. It is most likely that we ordinary Muslims will certainly fail to fulfil this strict law.

There is so much to talk about it that we need to write books on the subject. Why ? I give below a case of one issue:

I know of an issue where a man who feels youthful, romantic, energetic heart and very active . His wife is older and has such illness that he cant have desired relation with her. In the ancient past, men in that age and similar circumstances used to keep a slave girl or known as malekat, whom the right hand possessed.

Today, men in any age and circumstances go to prostitutes. Only few refrain from this sin who are believing Muslims and have taqwa, faith and fear of Allah. Muslims are told by Allah that they should see to it that no woman is degraded and forced into faheshat and prostitution even for need of money. They must trust Allah who will provide for livelihood, just be patient for a while. Soon the doors of halal rizk will be opened.

The holy, respectable and noble solution provided by Islam would be polygamy today.

So, polygamy is honourable, it is based on real life circumstances and the circumstances are wide and varied, different for every person, community, era, geography. There could be circumstances of illness as in this case, there could be circumstances of poverty, there could be circumstances of war, there could be circumstances of immigration and many, many more different.

Today, the important consideration about polygamy in Islam must be to avoid zina, sins of adultery committed by the married as well as the unmarried. Both men and women should be aware of this and should be concerned about avoiding these sins which is spreading as a global virus, a pandemic. Sin is a disease, its viral, it infects others.

The reason why polygamy is honourable is that it avoids slavery. The tradition of slave girls has given rise to prostitution in the world and today it has spread in darkness in all Muslim countries as well. Money is the main motivation for it. The desire for money is philosophical, of the mind and thinking process.

What were the conditions and relationships with slave girls in Muslim families in ancient world needs to be researched. I suspect they were treated more or less as wives but had lower status. Polygamy wiped it out and made an equal status of wives in the family of a man.

I think that unless global sins are controlled and made illegal by world governments and its economic systems, polygamy will become a necessity and to deny it is hypocrisy and even fraud and deception.
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