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9/20/2011 8:20:17 PM
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Salam Alaikum,

My name is Jason.

I reverted to Islam in September 2010. I then told my wife what I did. She told me that either I stop being a muslim or divorce her. I have not divorced her yet but I am going to do so for Islam.

It is hard though because we have 2 little children, mortgage, bills, debts etc. What do I do!?

How do I approach her and do this? I want to do this.
9/27/2011 3:09:17 PM
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Salam Brother,
Hope you are well. MashALLAH may ALLAH guide you and increase your iman and deen.

Having read your dilema, my advice would be to first of all stay calm and pray namaz . Seek peace in your heart and ask ALLAH to guide you. I cannot give religious advice for which you should visit your imam. All I can say is by becoming muslim your not going to stop being the father of your children, they are still your children. Explain this to your wife, becoming a muslim is important to you but your children are also. Tell her you dont want to choose between the two, Its easy for a man to father a child, but what makes you a father is the love you show your children, the guidance and the support. You can still offer all these things as a muslim.

May ALLAH guide you through this difficult time. You can also help her with bills via maintanence for the children. I admire your courage and determination for wanting to become a better muslim.
10/24/2011 5:55:21 PM
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Well brother,
You should tell your wife that it is legal for a muslim man to marry with a Non-muslim woman either Jewish or Christian. Make her convince of the fact that nothing will be weird if I changed my religion. Try to reach to a compromise.
3/26/2012 9:22:09 AM
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actually if you are looking for a new female and marrying her and debts and bills and financial problems and if understanding and your personality and your profile can convince anyone to finance you and to spent whole life with you not artificially or fake information due to these are very short terms and falls very miserably and many people are using on the name of religion and humanity and other labels for money, NO OFFENSE

so in that your profile and your character and society and people in your circle consider you as ? and the person you are looking and already married man and sons you have in that you have to convince your future partner and their family also due to marriage is relation b/w two families very strong bonding and b/w two persons and indirectly it create 100s of relations

May God help you in this world and in hereafter
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