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1/11/2012 3:25:21 AM
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I was contacted by a Kazeem1 who said he was an american greek and staying in UK. But when I pointed out that he had put his country as Canada, he said he forgot and that he moved to UK. And then I started asking him about his name because he had such a "malaysian" name for a so called american greek. He asked me why I asked. I said its because there many scammers out there and that I have friends who are police officers. Good to say, he never did response back to me again.
Another one is man called Tornado, a pakistani studying in the UK. His real name is so called Raja Khan. He wont tell you his date of birth and only vaguely will tell you where he stays. He is always asking me not to investigate him. At first I respected him because he said he wont think or talk about sex until after marriage but when I started on the topic to test him, he blurted out he liked anal sex. When I asked how do u know u will like anal sex when u never had sex? He said he just knows he will like it. Then I lied and said i had tried it before and he started begging me to tell him all the details and he will tell me why it was painful. I was a shocked. Then I said, I have to go cos its already solat time and sisters, u know what he said ? "No dont go yet, u must tell me the details. it will affect our future sexual relations" I was like what rubbish is he talking about. Is he stopping me from performing solat just to tell him abt sex ? Oh and he will quickly proposed marriage but does not have any concrete plans on the future. He said marriage is as simple as a flower blossom and we can survive on love. If you become his wife, u might get a working visa in London and can work full time while he works part time as he is still a student. He gets andgry and insulted me when I talked about having money to financially support a family. He believes love is enough.
So sisters, please be wary of such men. Im just disappointed that at such a halal website, such men exists. Hope ALLAH will match me with the right one soon.
3/29/2012 12:33:01 PM
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laillahilallah I am disgugusted by this man behavior,subhannallah is he really a muslim? wow we have to be very careful,thank you for the insight.
5/23/2012 11:04:45 AM
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sisters dont be down hearted, for every bad story like this one there are good stories, but muslims dont expose their jewels, so thats why we only hear about the bad stories. I dont think sisters are stupid enough to fall for such fakers.
5/23/2012 12:37:38 PM
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the admin get just as many complaints of scamming female accounts as scamming male accounts
6/20/2012 4:25:25 AM
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sisters please be awares of profile nikah909 he is the same as sister juls80 says Kazeem1. Greek/American/Turkish and saying his name is Azman Mohamed with home and business in Minnesota with a furnishers business but when i confront him about his website being a fake he sends me swearing & many rude things to my email.
8/11/2012 4:16:01 PM
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Sisters plz plz beware a user. His profile name is adiab. He is no way a muslim. He claims to be an imam. Yet wen he contacted me he started cursing my honor and deen and family. And using the worse language I have ever heard in the american language. In the sacred month of ramadan!!!!! And when I said astaghfurallah he said lol!!! Laughing at the name of allah!! I already notified the admins and they said they sent him a warning even though I think that extreme he should be banned. Plz sisters I dont wana see any sisters get hurt by his words. So just block any user named adiab if he tries 2 contact u. Asalamu alaykum.
7/6/2013 3:33:00 AM
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It's a fact that on the day of Yomahkeyamah (hope I spelled that right) Allah will not look at the one who performs Anal sex! Allah says "go to your wife in any way you please, except the back passage".
9/22/2013 2:36:07 PM

Salam alaikoum sisters,

I got a disturbing reply from a ''Samir'' from Melbourne, Australia. (yahoo ID:haman.baga@yahoo.com and skype :malik.miskic)

I replied to his inquiry by asking him some questions re: marriage, religious commitment, job etc. He replied that he preferred communication via skype or chatting. I didn't immediately reply to his email, and then today, got an email insulting me and calling me ''no brains'' ''visa seeker'' (no way because I am Canadian citizen), ''ugly bitc**'' and signed off with ''enjoy your ****''
12/6/2013 7:40:57 PM
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http://www.scamomatic.com/ i hope this site will help us to aware of scam.
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