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3/9/2008 4:52:04 PM
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Salam Alaikum All,

Just to get this thread started I thought I would ask this question as there are so many wonderful verses from the Quran. So, I thought I would open it with this question and see if I can get some feedback...

So, what is your favorite verse from the Quran and why?

Looking forward to responses!!!
3/20/2008 9:17:49 PM
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Even thou the whole Quran is beautiful, My favorite verse is surat el kursee.
4/6/2008 7:02:40 PM
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The quran is a beautiful book, (to say the least) It's hard to pick out a favorate verse as there are so many; but I think surah al 'imran ch3 especially the last 10 verses, maryam ch19 surah al ma'arige/ch70 and surah al duha ch93 are some of my favorate chpters from the holy qur'an.
5/2/2008 9:24:32 PM
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وألقيت عليك محبة مني ولتصنع على عيني
5/18/2008 5:25:23 PM
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All muslims know whole Quran is beautiful and wondderful. There is verses,sentences and chapters worth more, about that Muhammed a.s. teached us. But,by Allah mercy, that is alowed to any muslim have choce for favorite verse.
I think(Allah knows) who love(like) a verses from -the Book, Allah loves him!
I prefer all parts of the Quran what Muhammed a.s. recomended as special (el Fatiha, el Beqara, 112,113,114...) and like too much sentences about Allah. Sentence about Allah is very good for heart.
7/15/2008 10:10:57 PM

My personal favorite and the one that convinced me to take Shaddah is Al-Baqara:62

Lo! Those who believe (in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabaeans - whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right - surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.

At the time I didn't understand the Tafsir of this ayat, but I believed that any faith that says more that one group will be in Heaven was what I have been looking for. Islam started for me with this one ayat, and it has changed my life for the better, forever.
8/23/2008 5:20:41 PM
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Mine is : "And fear the day in which you shall be return to your lord, then very soul shall be rewarded what it has sent forth, & they are not oppressed" ...........
Just to keep this going, i would like you all to reflect on your stated verses and benefit us with the deep meanings you see in these verses when you read them......
I Ask this because there are many a time when one reads something and understand it in a certain way, but when digesting the issue with friends greater profound meanings or ways of understanding a issue are revealed to us.......
Hope i'm not asking for too much......
9/14/2008 7:38:30 AM
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My favorite verse is:

"And when God Alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with aversion; and when others are mentioned beside Him, they rejoice!"
12/13/2008 9:44:18 PM
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Assalam u alaykum Wa Rahmatullah
My favorite aayat are from Surah Mu'minoon from ayah 78 to ayah 114.
They are superb as the whole Quran.

And from Surah Dukhan:
There they will not taste death except for the first death and they wil be saved from the punishmnet of te Fire.
(translation is mine)
4/19/2009 10:53:46 PM
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Oh Allah, I have no money, but I have You. I am rich.
Oh Allah, I have no freedom, but I believe in You. I am free.
Oh Allah, I have no patience, but I read Your Quran. I am calm.
Oh Allah, I get no respect, but You listen to my dua. I am proud.
Oh Allah, I have no time, but I think of Jannah. I have forever.
Oh Allah, I have much time, but I look at Your Signs. I have today.
Oh Allah, I feel so weak, but I fast Ramadan. I am strong.
Oh Allah, I feel so tired, but I make dua. I open my eyes.
Oh Allah, I feel so dirty, but I repent to You. I am cleansed.
Oh Allah, I feel so depressed, but I remember you. I am at peace.
Oh Allah, I feel so lost, but I follow Your Commands. I am safe.
Oh Allah, nobody listens, but You never turn your back on me. I am grateful.
Oh Allah, my heart breaks, but I imagine meeting You. My heart finds rest.
Oh Allah, I cry every night, but I make wudu. I wash away my tears.
Oh Allah, I feel so alone, but I pray to You. I have everything.
Oh Allah, I feel so dead, but I think about Hajj. My heart beats again.
Oh Allah, I don't want this life, and I will die for You, only to live forever.
All I have is Allah,
All I need is Allah.
"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." [Surah Ar R'ad 13:28]
6/14/2009 12:34:42 PM
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this is beautiful thanks for posting
9/28/2009 4:15:03 PM
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(Quran 4.3)
marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly (with them) then only one…”
9/28/2009 4:15:43 PM
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(Qur'an 4:129)
"You will never be able to deal justly between wives however
much you desire (to do so). But (if you have more than one
wife) do not turn altogether away (from one), leaving her in
9/30/2009 1:16:07 PM

My favorite is 'innallaha ma as saabereen' - Allah is with those who patiently persevere . I realized that living in this world made me aspire for stuff and inshallah my patience will pay off.
10/4/2009 3:05:46 AM
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المفضلة لدي هي:
ومن يتقي الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقة من حيث لا يحتسب

سبحان الله ما اعظمها ..هي سلاح المؤمن القوي
4/17/2010 1:50:23 PM

my meaningful and tasteful words. Allah Akbar. They sound sweet + they mean a lot+ they bring fortune.
9/14/2010 11:51:14 PM
Posts 1

Fabi'ayyi 'Ālā'i Rabbikumā Tukadhdhibāni
Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny?
(Al-Rahman 55:13)
4/17/2011 1:21:55 PM
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first of all, all the verses and sourats are beautiful and full of wisdom.
and in each verse suits a specific situation or context.
This morning-while reading the Quran- I loved very much the following verses (from Chapter The Criterion) which I recommend you not to read only, but also to apply:
In the name of Allah Most-Gracious Most Merciful
[025:063] And the servants of (God) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace!";

[025:064] Those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord prostrate and standing;

[025:065] Those who say, "Our Lord! avert from us the Wrath of Hell, for its Wrath is indeed an affliction grievous,-

[025:066] "Evil indeed is it as an abode, and as a place to rest in";

[025:067] Those who, when they spend, are not extravagant and not niggardly, but hold a just (balance) between those (extremes);

[025:068] Those who invoke not, with God, any other god, nor slay such life as God has made sacred except for just cause, nor commit fornication; - and any that does this (not only) meets punishment.

[025:069] (But) the Penalty on the Day of Judgment will be doubled to him, and he will dwell therein in ignominy,-

[025:070] Unless he repents, believes, and works righteous deeds, for God will change the evil of such persons into good, and God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful,

[025:071] And whoever repents and does good has truly turned to God with an (acceptable) conversion;-

[025:072] Those who witness no falsehood, and, if they pass by futility, they pass by it with honourable (avoidance);

[025:073] Those who, when they are admonished with the Signs of their Lord, droop not down at them as if they were deaf or blind;

[025:074] And those who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous."

[025:075] Those are the ones who will be rewarded with the highest place in heaven, because of their patient constancy: therein shall they be met with salutations and peace,

[025:076] Dwelling therein;- how beautiful an abode and place of rest!

[025:077] Say (to the Rejecters): "My Lord is not uneasy because of you if ye call not on Him: But ye have indeed rejected (Him), and soon will come the inevitable (punishment)!"

7/22/2011 11:04:16 AM
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SELAM alejk
8/11/2011 12:43:17 AM
Posts 6
all the Quran is my Favorate .

but I love Ayat Al-kursi and Surah Al-Ikhlas and Surah Mohammed, and Surah Al-Toubah , and Surah Yousof and the last verses of Sura Al- Maida and also vers nimber 3 in Surah Al-Maida, very well....
but all the Quran is my favorate, when I read the Quran I get some new points.....
Alham Dulillah
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