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8/23/2012 3:58:06 PM
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When do you feel that you talk too much or your husband/wife is talking too much?
How much does it effect the relationship? and how married couples should handle it?
8/25/2012 1:16:07 PM
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As Salaam Ulaikum Wr Wb,

I am not married so someone who is would be the best person to answer but i would like to share a few points on it.

1. If the husband is busy with some work (Can be mechanical or office or anything important) and the wife keeps on talking about an event, definitely he is going to get annoyed and won't bother much about what was said.

But if its something important the husband should listen carefully and give it a priority in case its needed.

LESSON: Don't bring your office work to home, because that's going to mess up your life sooner or later. If necessary do inform your partner about it and take him/her in confidence. Don't forget your partner once you are finished and try to spend a few minutes with your partner. This will help to keep things a bit cool and calm :-)

2. Husband comes home and instead of asking how the day went or anything else, starts with his office story. The very next moment he is on phone with his boss / colleague and going through his emails on the laptop and looks at the wife with a straight face but keeps his concentration on what is being said on the phone. Gets off the phone and again the office story starts, my boss... my colleague.. this guy and that guy... until its time for dinner. At the dinner table again the cell phone and the office story.

A situation like this is going to definitely make the wife angry. She is also expecting something, at least 10 minutes of your time where you ask her how she is doing and how was her day ? Whats the food ? Cooking or any thing which comes under her departmental duties lol :-)

3. You just came back from a wedding and either one of them starts discussing about it. One of you might be trying to sleep but your partner is in no mood to stop... Well that would be a difficult one to handle :-) Can't sleep lol

I think it all depends how you set your priorities and how well you know your partner. At times things do make us talk a bit more and its natural because you feel excited and wanting to talk about it... It doesn't mean that your partner is talkative or a chatterbox.

Timing matters a lot, what you say and when you say... :-)
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Home » Marriage » Are you talkative with your husband/wife?