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12/29/2012 6:02:57 AM
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Dear Sisters,

Please beware of this man, he's all over the dating sites with different names (Kazeem1, Nikah77, Nikah90, Nikah909, Hammeed77).
and he's also in this iste using name of Hammeed77 (admin, please block him!)
Sometimes he claimed as mixed American Greek, sometimes also from Turkey.
Sometimes claimed resides in US, sometimes in UK. But for sure, his english is too bad to be a native.
And funny thing, quite often he used words which indicate that he's actually a FEMALE!

The identity and pictures are not always consistent accross all the sites, here are some of his links, based on my research.


So I hope my info is useful.
4/16/2013 6:50:53 AM
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Salam to all brothers and sister, please beware of the persons profile su1 from Bulgaria.is a scammer, pretends a distressed girl and take money from the people.
8/21/2016 9:01:57 AM
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waahh horror ya
1/2/2017 7:03:11 PM
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It saddens me to hear about those scammers taking advantage of sincere souls searching for life partners. Blocking scammers' messages are timely decisions. Never allow these dirty-hearted people to prowl online. They do more harm than good. Thank you.
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Home » Questions, Comments or Suggestions » BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER