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7/9/2013 3:04:13 PM
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Be Yourself
As humans, we naturally want to be liked. Many of us, including myself will adjust our personalities in order to fit into the environment in which we are in. Again, this is only natural.

However as soon as you try and be something that you are not, you will come across as someone who is disingenuous, and at times ‘a bit weird.’ In this example, I will be referring to gentleman Y.

Now Y is much like X in terms of physical appearance but a slimmer younger version. Unlike X, Y came across very much like a circus act, sadly looking and acting very needy. When engaging in conversation with Y, you sensed he confused what real confidence was with arrogance. Unfortunately for him, the women in the room saw straight through the fake bravado. Some of which walked away during a conversation with him, whilst others refused to sit near him at the Dinner table.

So what should Y do?

The advice is simple….Be Yourself, and not somebody that you’re not. Women are the masters at seeing through someone who is truly genuine and someone who is trying to be somebody that they’re not.
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Home » Marriage » Advice to Muslim Men Part 2