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7/9/2013 3:04:57 PM
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Start A Conversation
For some strange reason, this is one thing that many Muslim men fail to do with the opposite sex. They have no problem introducing themselves to other men, but fail to start a conversation with women.

Alhamdulillah, the Sisters at this event had everything going for them. They were Masha’allah doing well in their careers, were friendly and attractive. Sadly, many were sat talking to their friend that they came with, whilst the men stood around talking about sport.

Having noticed this, I asked one of the Sisters, ‘What do you think is wrong about this event?’ Her reply was that, the men were talking amongst themselves and not talking to any of the sisters. Then walked in Z…..

Now Z had just come from work, but still dressed very well. As soon as he walked through the door, he looked at the group of men huddled together and saw the vast majority of the sisters talking amongst themselves, many of which were looking over to the group of men.

Now instead of joining into the conversation with the Brothers, he went and introduced himself to the Sisters talking amongst themselves in the corner. I could see by the expression of their faces that they were relieved that one of the men started a conversation with them by himself.

The Event went really well. The food was great, the host was approachable, friendly, and eager for everyone to mix. I asked her, and the other Sisters, what could have gone better? Their answer was that, the Brothers need to Start A Conversation with the Sisters, and not be afraid. They promised not to bite

If you have any questions, please e-mail amirkhan87@hotmail.co.uk
9/13/2013 2:44:34 PM
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Well brother,
Don't you think these posts suggested things that come outside the boundaries laid down by Allaah? For instance I don't think we are supposed to mix with members of the opposite sex. One of the suggestions you made was just go to the women and talk with them. I would like to believe it's a no-no in our deen.Rather for the Muslims it is 'lower your gaze' .

Just wanted to point to something that is better for us - with goodwill.
Deal with the wali of the sister for the purpose of getting married!

jazaakAllaah khair
1/6/2014 9:54:56 AM
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Tthe brother who commented about Deen and downward glance is correct except he has forgotten one thing. At an event where men and woman have the intention of looking for a spouse conversation is reqired and it can be done respectfully and with good intentions, Allah swt knows our intentions already. If it becomes obvious a person is not a match for you u move on to the next remebering why you are there. Esp in non muslim countries finding a spouse can be difficult even more so if you are a convert and have no family to help u find spouse. by the way how do u know who she really is and who her wali is if u do not speak to her.
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