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9/13/2013 3:31:05 AM
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I have realized that doing specific searches is very difficult on the internet when it comes to searching for matches. I believe when looking for spouses the most important thing is beliefs. So this should also be considered in the search options given in websites. For example there are many sects in Islam. And most search options allow us to search only other wordly things and this important thing is ignored. What one ascribes to should also be given in profiles in order to make the job of choosing easier because when it comes to beliefs and creed there must be no compromise. We choose our path after careful study and much thinking and we would also like our spouses to ascribe to that path even though there may be other differences. So if beliefs are spelled out in bold it would be easier for most of us to choose the right person.

I am looking for suitable matches for my sister. Somebody who ascribes to manhaj us salafiyyah. Going by Quran and Sunnaah upon the understanding of salaf us saaliheen. More than anything else the aqaaid of the person is very important and hence we are stressing on it. Other things may come later.

JazaakAllaah Khair
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