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4/12/2008 7:56:19 AM
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Getting married is nice, after all it completes half of ones faith. But how many of us are actually ready to be married. Plain talk bad manners, there is more to a marriage then appeasing your sexual urges. No one said that wasn’t a plus, but what happens outside the bedroom? While fulfilling ones sexual appetite might take up 2hours at most of a person hourly 24hours there is still 22 hours to account for. Ever wondered why some marriages end a year later? The answer is simple. Boy sees girl, girl sees boy, and hormones start jumping. No one thinks about the future only the here and now. I have to get married to that girl and in the sad little story lust mistaken for love they marry. Is it there fault? After all they are only youths. I blame the parents, in fact the entire ummah. It takes more than two parents to raise a child and to teach them. Anyone knows the saying it takes a village to raise a child. No but we are all ecstatic and the poor kids don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Is there a marriage counseling service in your masjid? Marriage counseling before they marry that is, or do they only have counseling services to try and patch up the doomed from the start marriage they all encouraged. I may sound harsh but facts are facts. A marriage can not and I repeat CAN NOT be based on lust. The best marriage is a marriage for the sake of Allah. It will most likely last longer. But how many of us, when we are caught up in the marriage hype and all we can think of is the honeymoon take a second to think about Allah. Why do you want to get married? The programmed answer is “because marriage completes half our faith” be real to yourself. We all know marriage completes half our faith, but on the wedding day you won’t be thinking about marriage completing half your faith. Ask yourself the real reason why you want to get married? After you have found the real answer, it might or might not be because marriage completes half your faith. I just want you to be truthful to yourself and we can continue from there. First step admit why you really want to get married.
8/23/2008 1:36:41 AM
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first, your message is very long that I didn't read it all
second, I want to get married for three things: 1) satisfy my body needs and desires in Halal way
2) satisfy my soul needs of being loved and to love someone and taking care
of that person as he doing the same to me
3) have a muslim family and kids (aaaahhh!)
9/28/2008 3:15:00 AM
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I can say the same thing...

I want to get married 1) To complete the Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW
2) To be safe from the Haram
10/1/2008 7:02:55 PM

in this world there is a one thing a man cant live without if he was 100% healthy and matured, that is a woman, but we know desires are natural things, for me i will marry a girl to save myself from the torments of the hellfire, by how? by giving her her rights>> rights? this is sexual needs, because quran tells that we are like their garments and they are our garments to , without making her happy anytime she needs its a sin>>>> how can be succesful in my marriage>>>by trusting Allah (swt) blessings and mercy , and fearing him most you will treat the best, feeding her, clothing her , educating her , all this and many other good relationships will save marriage , so a man must not forget having a wife is not just enjoying world of having children , or wealth, but in a way to increase his love to his creator, and increasing the ummah of The Prophet muhammad (PBUH) ,,,so my advice for anyone is , dont just look for partner with following things
but for me the most important thing is let this person i want to share with my life having a strong faith, i mean emaan,
May Allah Guide us and provide us with someone with strong emaan, Wabillah Towfiq
1/23/2009 9:17:08 PM
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A.S.A I want to be Happy With Him - Hey Get Use to Misakes we all make them Till Judgement Day & Want to Complete My Deen - Be comfortable Go to Mecca - Die -The Grave-Ressurection- The Clear Day of Judgement- Jenna in the Garden It's not that hard, Stay on your Deen.... Salaam
1/23/2009 9:26:14 PM
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Oh Yeah You Can Have Sex & you should have asked all your question before getting married DON"T BE TO SHY cause Great Expectations Mean Great Disapointments so Ask Your Masjid do You Need Classes or Consuling - Their There To Help get it - Have Fun with Him -Laugh & Smile -Life is Short - But it could be long & Bleack with the Wrong Human- Make sure you have Things & Idea's in Common.
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