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9/7/2008 4:03:52 AM
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when you find your self alone , when you find your self lost in this life , weak , in the time you have all the power to do

every thing , still you are standding in your place , you are feeling something missing , you are not able to realise it

you are silent , calm , amazed , !!!! is it possible that i am the happy funny person reached to the point where i am not

able to continue , i may smile but still not true smile that comes out from my heart , i may join other their activities but

still does not make me feel satisfied

Oh i knew the reason , oh Allah , you created souls out of us to dwell to each other and complete each other

Oh i realised the fact that , whatever love and care you had from your parents and family still you need one kind of love

that does not come except from your soulmate

Oh now i only realised why Adam felt bored even when he was in paradise till Allah created Eve for him

Oh i feel that i found the answer for my question , i found the medecine for my weakness and hardshipness

Oh it is you my soulmate that will enlight my life and my heart

it is you the angle that will make to my life a meanning

it is you and only you that would be with me in this life and in the hereafter in Allah paradise

But Oh my goodness , where are you my darling , you disappeared among the clouds as the moon

oh my God , help me to find the right one and evey body


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Home » Marriage » When the train departured