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7/31/2015 4:04:18 PM

Salam Alikum wRwB.

As the SisterWives (TLC) show says "Love should be Multiplied not Divided".....

My name is Amanda. Yes, I am female. Keep Reading.

I am seeking the right women to be my husbands second wife. His name is Toufik (too-fik). He was born and raised in Algeria, north africa. He speaks English, Arabic, and some French. He is a good moral strong brother in faith. He is honest, pragmatic, and caring. I am a convert to Islam. I am a stay at home mom to one boy. As a second wife you're entitled to your God given rights. You can work if you would like or you can stay home. If you do decide to work, any money you earn is yours.

My dear husband has a big heart that I know he would be happy to should share. My life goal is to raise strong children and live a good strong Muslim life. I also enjoy traveling the world and experiencing new cultures, food, and places. We have been striving to live a healthy, practical, pragmatic, simple life, but with all the best comforts necessary.

Salam Alikum.
My name is Toufik. I am 33years. I work as an telecommunications engineer for a major cell phone company. I currently live in California (USA). I was born and raised in Algeria (Tlemcen). I enjoy a good action movie, a good cup of tea, time with my family and friends, and a healthy dose of adventure. I also like taking the family to the beach, out to dinner, or just to the park for fresh air and enjoying the world. Inshallah, I am trying to live a healthy, peaceful, pragmatic, simple Islamic life while still enjoying the necessary comforts. I am trying to live a strong, sunnah life. I wish to be honest in everything, living by the example of the Prophet Mohammed (saw). For this reason, I must explain I am already married and I do already have a son. My family is strong and my faith is strong. I am also casually seeking a second wife, if she is the right fit. My wife is actually the one doing most of the searching, because she knows me so well. She is an American Convert and we have been married 3 years. If that doesnt scare you off and you would like more information, please message. MaSalamma.

He is seeking a patient, kind, loyal woman with a big heart and a loving smile. Convert or Revert seems to be his specialty as he married me (a convert) the first time, but it's not a necessary deciding factor.

As a sister wife, I am seeking a friend, a confidant, and a helper in both religious life and practical daily life. I cook, clean, raise kids and otherwise run a home, would you be able and willing to help? I fully understand that polygamy in America gets a bad rap and there are plenty of unjust and dishonest people in the world, but for someone like my husband it is a blessing he can share, and by having me do the matchmaking you can be sure of complete honesty.

He is very devout in his religion but balances it well with real life. Even if you don't want to marry him, you are more than welcome to ask questions about Islam. and Inshallah (God Willing), get answers.
8/6/2015 9:48:22 AM
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Marriage is a formal and blessed social contract between bride and groom. It is a major step in one’s life. Marriage is a matter of great responsibility which should not be taken lightly.
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9/2/2015 8:11:12 PM
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Wa'alaikum salam.wr.wb. Dear sister Amanda. What a big heart you have by searching for a co-wife. I am born and raised in a muslim family, but poligamy isn't well accepted in our community (I live in a muslim majority country). So, as a revert I think that you're so amazing. May Allah bless you and give you patience with the choice you've taken. Just wondering..if you need help with raising kids, daily chores and so on...why don't you hire a helper instead? Will definitely be so much easier I think. But then again, it's your choice.
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