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3/6/2016 1:02:36 AM


Before any of you think I'm insane, let's get started by me introducing myself. I'm Zhafira, a sixteen year old student from Indonesia, and I am looking for a possible spouse.

Now, the reason why I joined this website, as pathetic as it might be, is to find a husband. As a typical Muslim, I will never try to approach adultery, which is why if I'm going to have a relationship, I want to do it right. I want to do it under His protection and blessing. One thing I believe everyone needs to understand is that marriage doesn't immediately mean I want to drop off my education and start getting pregnant. I want this in a way that I want to have a boyfriend (but in a halal way). I want to be married only because I want to have a relationship, but I will not be forced into becoming a mother if I am not ready. I want to graduate, move on to university, get a bachelor, master, and PhD degree all the while being married.

Is that really too much to ask? No.

So here I am, trying to find the one. You don't need to rub salt into my wound and tell me I'm being pathetic. I already know. I'm your typical teenager who goes on Instagram, Path, Tumblr, with the addition of blog writing, praying five times a day, and finish Quran every Ramadhan. If I am to get married, I will not be force to sex until I give my consent, and I will not be forced into bearing children until the time is right. See? Easy.

You can tell me what you think, you can tell me that I am rushing too much, but you can also maybe take a look at what I really think in my blog zhafiraiha.com. This is not a promotion, but I write a lot over there surrounding this topic, so maybe you'll get what I mean more.

Thank you for dropping by,
edited by zhafiraiha on 3/6/2016
4/15/2016 12:58:06 PM

Its perfectly ok that you want to get married. Our Prophet's (PBUH) daughter Fatimah(RA) also got married at the age of 16 to the cousin of the Prophet(PBUH) Ali bin Abu Talib, who was 21. The couple had a very beautiful and blessed life together. But beware of men young and old, who are contacting girls and ladies and turning out to be lewd and nasty. Instead turn to Allah, call him and tell him what ever you want. Read the Duas/Supplications in the March, April 2016 issues of *Blossoms* an online magazine, to get married to a pious young man whom Allah will send to your home inshaAllah.
1/14/2017 3:52:01 AM
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I understand am interested am 22 student from Cairo
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