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9/1/2016 10:00:59 PM
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It's too bad so many men in their 40's and up will go find some woman who is half his age or look for a childless woman or even specifically ask for a virgin. I know that not all men are like that but most of them are. Sorry guys, but most of you aren't even willing to man up and be a father figure when you meet some woman who is perfect for you but has a child. Let's face it. Even if she was married to a jerk and he treated her badly, SOME of you will still find her undesirable just because she's divorced. Why is my question.
10/17/2016 10:40:26 AM
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I am a new Muslim age 54 and I don't mind if you are divorced and have children.
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Home » Marriage » Why are divorced women undesired?