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5/23/2018 1:14:02 AM

My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married next year. It’s more of a talk of engagement because I haven’t really done the “go down on one knee and pop the question” gesture. I just said “look, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and she felt the same way so we agreed to get married. Our families were really happy for us and I think they’re pretty excited too. We have a problem with her mom though. She said she doesn’t want her daughter marrying in any “unholy ground” as she described it. She wants to do the wedding in a church. Now it makes me wonder if Chongqing women are really that religious or if it’s just her mom. I don’t mind doing it in a church but we would’ve loved the idea of exchanging I do’s in a beach.
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Home » Marriage » Are Chongqing women religious?