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10/1/2009 4:29:17 PM
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Salam, so difficult to find a wife,do i get judged by the way i look?....i mean im not bad looking tho and i dont drink smoke etc,but i also dont pray as often as i should.Islam is in my heart and i am truly god fearing,but i ask myself what does a woman expect from there partner? Im kind and honest and very very gentle person,i may not be a millionare(figure of speech) but i feel as if i fail the test as in tick this box etc .

Anyway i would,nt mind sisters just reply to this thread and am interested in what sisters are looking for in there future husband.

If your looking to get married... by the way let me know if your interested

10/3/2009 8:39:46 PM
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Hi Johnny, I'm sorry to say that it's the same on our (sister's) side. Who said finding a partner is easy? After all you can't expect half your dean to be handed to you on a platter now can you?
It's a whole half, and it's for the rest of your life, and from experience the harder/ more challenging it is to acheive something (like finding a partner) the more you will appreciate it and not take it for granted.
I wish you and all the other muslims on this site their way to finding their partner! Ameen

btw, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you/ your profile. Everyone, i think is facing the same dillema
10/13/2009 12:03:09 PM
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Salam wa leykum

i think it is not actually hard, but it is not that time
just think, if you are looking your wife which will be your only one love and your soulmate, and when you look even to this site, Muslim sisters around, they are so many and very good, educated, kind, caring religious, but something doesn't click... it is same with sisters, haven't you seen so many righteous Muslim brothers and you think somebody will be so happy next to him, and even assist to some of them to find their life partners, but you can't find your own life partner....if you think about 6 billion people and 1 billion Muslims, we are so many but so different...and what really can make two souls meet in this world is only Allah (SWT). I think we have to search and do whatever should be done from our side and then rely on Allah, keep up faith, move forward, and when it will be right time and right moment, i know that those who sincerely believed in his/her heart with great faith in Allah (SWT) will find soulmate and will be happy in both world.... we have to be patient....it takes a lot of efforts, but don't you think worth it?
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Home » Marriage » Hmm why is it so hard to find a wife?