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10/3/2009 8:53:13 PM
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Salamu Alaykum,
"I am open minded"
I don't know if anyone else noticed this. But is this like a code for saying "I'm not that religious"?
"open minded" all the sudden has a totally different meaning, and not a good one at that!
I noticed most muslim's who claim they are open minded, means they break the rules here and there, dont mind dating, ditch the Quran for music...etc.
10/12/2009 1:35:43 AM
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Salaam alaikum

You got it right, there`s another saying in these days (MODERATE MUSLIM) hehehe same thing means One can break all the boundaries of ALLAH SWT and still claims to be a Muslim (Fool)
12/28/2009 10:50:48 PM

Bhonest wrote:
Salaam alaikum

You got it right, there`s another saying in these days (MODERATE MUSLIM) hehehe same thing means One can break all the boundaries of ALLAH SWT and still claims to be a Muslim (Fool)


No. U rt not right. Moderate dosen't mean that which u think so. I am a moderate Muslim but Alhamdulillah am a TRUE muslimand trying to my best to offer my all FARAAEZ which I am commented to do in Islam. PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change ur view as Mosderate mMuslim in my openion is that who is not rigid in Islam/religious and who is well aware of Islamiat.
4/3/2010 7:04:55 PM
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I disagree. I tell people I'm open minded, but what I mean by that is, that I'm willing to discuss all subjects, doesn't mean Ill follow it. Like for example; some subjects are taboo and people tend to avoid them, but I'm willing to discuss it. Also in my profile I said, I'm open minded. The reason why I said that is, because, my profile shows that I have a beard and I follow 100% Quran & Sunnah, but I'm still open to discussion for marriage who is slightly away from 100% din. Simply because I believe people can change.
4/8/2010 12:17:22 AM
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brother: game is game whether u call it potato or patato. this is nothing new. however, having to explain one's self on something that is elementary is ridiculous. for those who r confused or in need of an explanation, "open mindedness" in the islamic sense, is one who is open to discussion of other points of views. All with-in the confines of islamic parameters.... people stop the foolishness, this is not the purpose of an islamic site. and yall wonder why muslims have the problems that they have. Wanna take a guess! DuH.......

Brother say true!
4/15/2010 6:51:06 PM
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it may be and ( ALLAHUALIM) if by moderate muslim some mean that they are open minded and willing to discuss many diff topics. however it is NO LESS TRUE, that many muslims have been tricked into believing that moderate muslim is some kind of a cool/ good term. when it's origin is media driven ,and wanton muslim's who desire acceptance from the greater culture adopted it readily.

MODERATE! HUH! our beloved nabi was balanced, yes he took the middle way, but he was NOT moderate in religion. nor should we be! the acceptance i seek does not and most likely will never come from the majority here. even if the majority all became muslim, simply because there will always be a large segment of the population who wishes to fit in and in doing so throw religion behind their backs in some sense. i'm content with being a stranger. ALLAH ALMIGHTY says "tuba to the strangers" not tuba to the moderates.

we all have the ability to call our lacksidaisical ness (if that 's a word) moderateness or slightness or open minded or what ever kinda mess we want. it doesnt make it reality though, the reality is, is that the closer a person comes to the sunnah the father away from moderate and slight in religion he becomes. and may ALLAH make those who stand up for this affair the closest in rank to his pleasure, in all that they do. amin. i love all u guy's cause your muslim, and i hope that i'm not offending anyone. it isnt a personal attack, but i doo strongly disagree with the term, cause like i said i think we are not thinking hard enough about what we are saying when we start using these terms.

5/19/2010 1:08:35 PM

its either you are a muslim or not. i dont believe in the term "moderate muslim". Almighty Allah has enjoined us to enter into islam whole-heartedly; "not one leg in, one leg out". if one dies in that state, then Almight Allah knows best. but i enjoin u all, let us take a step daily towards becoming a better muslim. may Almgithy Allah make the path to Al-Jannah an easy one for us and may He make it uncomfortable for us to participate in worldly activity that may lead one to hell fire AMIN.
ma sallam.
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