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1/18/2010 8:21:27 PM
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Salam Alaikum Sisters,

This is Sister Heather, owner and moderator of MeetMuslimSingles.com. I just wanted to drop by and let you all know of a new site I started just for us sisters to hang out and make friends... JUST SISTERS only.... so no DUDES.... GOT IT? Duh, lol. Ok, so anyways, this is a place just us girls to share our favorite nasheeds, share blogs, talk about Islam and just chill. So please come and join, and check it out. I'm still working on it so there are some changes that I still need to do so I definitely welcome feedback on how to improve it...

It's http://www.MuslimahCommunity.com

Oh and Please do come and support me at http://www.youtube.com/user/HeatherElKhiyari
with my dawah peace project!!! I just started it last week and Inshallah will be doing many interviews of reverts as well as am planning many other projects so certainly do welcome feedback. If you have any ideas you can contact me at support@meetmuslimsingles.com attn: Sister Heather Don't worry it's just me and hubby who run MMS and I"m the one who mainly reads the emails so please do feel open to let me know your thoughts.

Sorry I'm not keeping up with the forums as much as I would really love to. Please if there is any rude comments, bad words or anything that should not ever be here.... Please please please do contact me ASAP. Between many projects going on, running MMS and not just running it but also contacting many sites to try to do marketing it to try to get our ranks up in the search engine to bring more people in to help in everyone’s searches... also taking care of 2 young hyper kids... I have 2 full hands, so please sisters do help me out if you can and let me know when things are here that should not be.

I look forward in seeing you all at the Muslimah Community and please don't feel hesitant to contact me if you need anything.


Sister Heather
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Home » Sisters Only » Sister's Community Website and a Dawah Project :)