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9/27/2019 1:19:01 AM

Flow Fusion Male Enhancement This path is towards strengthening and developing relations. If we talk about the benefits of sexual abstinence, then there are the following advantages: for men, it means preserving oneself, dignity being called a faithful husband, and for a woman, preparing for the best, not wasting oneself on unnecessary sexual intercourse. Often, and, even, mainly, with the resumption of sexual intercourse, some problems arise, for example, the duration of sexual intercourse is reduced, but this does not affect everyone and, in principle, it happens that activity is restored. Here is such a scientific fact. The presence or absence of painful sensations during forced sexual abstinence in men and women depends on the severity of sexual desire, individual characteristics of the sexual constitution, personality traits, temperament, social and many other factors. With a mild attraction, sexual abstinence is possible for several months and even years without much harm to the body; with severe sexual desire, a negative effect on mental and physical activity, mood, performance, the occurrence of increased neuropsychic excitability with a feeling of dissatisfaction are possible. The existing mechanisms of self-regulation of sexual function in men are capable of changing the intensity of sexual desire during periods of forced sexual abstinence. In principle, as it turned out, abstinence is not particularly harmful, as inexperienced minds scare them. The main thing is competent recovery, because abstinence can affect the human psyche, then it will be much more difficult to recover. But, if everything is in order with the human psyche, then more often think also about physical health, because abstinence is often equated with frequent sexual relations, up to promiscuous relationships. Therefore, choose for yourself which is better, which is worse: keep yourself (but there is a danger to spend your whole life like that), or suffer from various problems associated with diseases, infections and broken hearts.

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Home » Marriage » https://www.worldhealthcart.com/flow-fusion-male-e