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8/10/2008 3:29:47 PM
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Take a peek in this room of mine,have some tea,sit down and recline.Enjoy the view as I show you around,then watch the rain...so peaceful and sound.Beautiful,timeless,and in my possession,to delve inside would be to taste of Heaven.Watch me peruse through libraries of memories,each page of every book is an exceptional antiquity.On the walls bear scarring scripts of Sorrow,written from hands that apprehended the plight of morrow.Over the horizon bears a beautiful sunset,every decision made is marked with no regret.Dip your toes in the sweet aqua serenity,let our imaginations flee with their favorite affinities.Now its time to bask in the glow of the evanescent maiden,with a single glance...she explemplifies true haven.Beautiful in nature and Dark by choice,entrance into it is cause for rejoice.Such a mystery,this thing of mine.The greatest possession in history...is A Beautiful Mind.
8/5/2009 1:38:55 PM
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mmmm, very nice expressed... beautifully.
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Home » Poetry » The Room