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8/21/2008 9:08:58 PM
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'T is so much joy! 'T is so much joy!
If I should fail, what poverty!
And yet, as poor as I
Have ventured all upon a throw;
Have gained! Yes! Hesitated so
This side the victory!

Life is but life, and death but death!
Bliss is but bliss, and breath but breath!
And if, indeed, I fail,
At least to know the worst is sweet.
Defeat means nothing but defeat,
No drearier can prevail!

And if I gain, -- oh, gun at sea,
Oh, bells that in the steeples be,
At first repeat it slow!
For heaven is a different thing
Conjectured, and waked sudden in,
And might o'erwhelm me so!
4/15/2010 6:18:22 PM
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i know this poem was put up a long time ago, the author may not be around any more, but in the event that he/ she is. i'd like to say it was beautiful. thank you for sharing.
edited by laff_lil on 4/15/2010
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Home » Poetry » ROUGE GAGNE.