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8/22/2008 3:43:59 PM

will we be able to rejoin a solid bond
while time became inadequate to cure this wound
a long life in darkness and pain's stronghold
and how could we change what fate poured in a mold
weariness from surroundings,secluded from happiness
echoes of the past, in my ear agitate my sadness
i can feel your silent cry,from another planet
and how could i be a man while u dub me useless
if this poem I write, could talk
books will burn I had written all my walk
and each word will beg you to depart
you can be what u wanna be u r another part
i gave u the best in me, what did u give me
Walk out on me; I refuse your presence I am free
Surrender me to night, by days I sear
my life came to light sun dried these tears
drow my entity in melancholy and solitude
I accept your absence even your attitude
If u imagine I suffer penance of a dark relation
I am sleeping in apathy I loved my depression
dip your face in my days, will be paled from memories
steal a glance at my eyes, will be wet from wasted promises
and what else you expect...deserts are fruitless
leave me like rivers left sands from ages ago
ending life of all habitat and fossil breakthru
dead like birds, thrown like bones, amused with this show?
hurt my feelings, destroy my laughter whatever u do
it’s written from million years I am not for you
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Home » Poetry » released