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1/14/2015 1:16:10 AM
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There are two ways of learning Islam one is Quran and the second one is Hadith. Quran orders us and Hadith tell us how to follow those orders.There are six authentic hadith collection books . Sahih Muslim is one of them. There is also an app “Sahih Muslim”of Sahih Muslim book.All hadiths are authentic and verified you can consult it if you have any confusion.Sahih Muslim app is a gift for those who are willing to learn the knowledge of hadith.

Download Sahih Muslim for Android | Download Sahih Muslim for iOS

1. Books:
There are 57 complete books, according to the saying of the Holly Prophet (PBUH) on specific Topic. All hadiths are authentic and verified .
2. Hadith in English:
All hadiths are in English so that maximum people can learn and understand the message of Islam.
3. Search Feature:
Search feature allows you to search any Hadith inside the app. You can search through word so that you can easily access your desired Hadith.
4. Daily Hadith:
The daily Hadith reminder feature allows you to relate your daily life matters with the Sunnah of Holly Prophet (PBUH).
5. Bookmarking:
While reading any Hadith you like any Hadith then you can set Hadith to your favourites by using set to favourite feature.
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Home » Classifieds » Sahih Muslim -Complete Hadith App