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4/7/2015 2:50:24 AM
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Quran Reading® - Al-Quran MP3 is an Islamic application that upgrades your region with the improvement of analyzing and listening to the Quran, the Quran is the holiest book of Islam and Millions of Muslims handles it controlled. Millions knows it by heart. There are diverse Quran Apps in Android store that you can download and usage to examine and listen the Holy Quran particularly tongues like Arabic, English and Urdu. Listen the Holy Quran in Mp3 Format in this remarkable application. The sound quality is incomprehensible.

Download Quran Reading® - Al-Quran MP3 for Android

114 Surahs of Quran is included.
Interpretation of Quran in English for and diverse tongues, for instance, Urdu, Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch and Indonesian.
Transliteration of Quran to help you get hold of the talk of words.
Recitation of the Surahs of Quran can be downloaded uninhibitedly or you can download the full Quran sound in mp3.
Go to choice is commonplace in Quran Reading application with finding a specific ayah.
Bookmark the Ayah to begin looking at from where you got out.
The settings district consolidates.
Change the substance estimation as you like.
Select to show clarification and transliteration

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Home » Classifieds » Quran Reading® - Al-Quran MP3 for Android