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4/22/2015 4:11:34 AM
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Surah Yousaf is a Quranic Surah which is open in a telephone. It embodies complete recitation of 111 Ayahs of this Quranic Chapter, which was uncovered on the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah in Makkah. The application is open for both Android and iPhone.

Download Surah Yousaf for Android | Download Surah Yousaf for iOS


Certain the most seeing properties of this Smart Phone application zone:
• Both Reading and listening decisions are open.
• Sound is offered in two voices of amazing Quran Reciters, "Al-Ghamidi" and "Al-Sudais".
• "Go To" decision take you to a particular Ayah.
• "Comprehension" decision serves to uproot up the Arabic substance in English.
• "Transliteration" choice gives as it is wording of Arabic substance in English.
• You can change the "Substance size".
• Separate strategies of "Substance, style Styles" are advancing.
• "Substance style Colors" with Black, Blue and Red open to pick.
• You can in like way change the "establishment Color" with 3 light shades.
• Don't unfortunate lack of caution to keep any adjusted choice obliging with "Additional" Option.
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Home » Classifieds » Surah Yousaf -Learn and Share