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5/18/2015 11:47:32 PM
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Quran Reading is a Smartphone application helping Muslims to easily learn Quran from every respect. It comes up with remarkable aspects of Translation, Transliteration and Audio Recital ensuring complete learning. Download this free and comprehensible application of Quran Reading to learn about the instructions of the Holy Quran in the most preferred way.

Download Quran Reading® – Full Quran with Audio for iPhone


All 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran are included.
Beautiful Audio Recitation of all chapters.
Quran Translation into several languages such as English, Urdu, Spanish, Persian, Italian French, Chinese, Dutch, and Indonesian.
Transliteration selection converts the Arabic verses as it is into English.
Search Bar helps to look for any precise Chapter.
Go To choice assists in moving to a particular Ayah of a Surah.
Bookmarks lets user to save any portion of the narration in order to carry on reciting from same place again.
Stop Signs are also given along with their meaning.
14 Sajdahs are stated to tell about their actual places of happening during Quran Recitation.
Font Size and Font Styles can be adapted as per one`s fondness.
Save and Reset choices for saving and altering any changes.

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Home » Classifieds » Quran Reading® – Full Quran with Audio for iPhone