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2/27/2009 5:25:55 PM
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“Good bye my Cat”

My sweet cat!
Patience before death steals you
Before rain… no more flow
Reveal …how do you feel?
How is death torment
How is regret moment
Do you feel the pain flame
Do you feel loads of shame
Or like a poet and his pen in jail
The poet was sent free, but
The pen to guillotine had been sent
Or like a flag flying in the sky since 14 hundred years
Today it lowered beneath its knees…
Or like a lover close to his love queen
Disregarding her like she never has been…
Do you feel the leaving agonies?
Do you see a thousands memories?!
Let it be…
After a while, you'll pass way
But I'm staying… seeking my pen, my way.

(Masalama cat)

Copyright ©1999 Osama Hafez
All rights reserved.

edited by osamah on 2/27/2009
3/14/2009 1:25:57 AM
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very sweet poem written by a sinsitive person. Masha Allah, keep it up osamah.
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Home » Poetry » Good Bye My Cat!