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6/21/2018 2:41:07 AM

I was abroad for one year, so technically, my wife and I have been long distance for long. We have been away from each other most of the time since we got married. It was all for business though, so she understood. I met my wife in an international dating site 7 years ago. One time, she called while I was at work and I wondered why. When I took the call, I heard my wife crying over the phone. Nervousness came through me. I thought something bad happened to our daughter. But I was wrong. She called to tell me she got pregnant by another man. I did not know what to say. Yet, I managed to respond with a shaking voice. I asked her why but the only thing I heard from her was “I’m sorry”. She said it was an accident but I did not know what to think. I felt betrayed and I was angry. I didn’t keep in touch with her for two weeks now. She seemed to understand that I was avoiding her. For two weeks, I have been thinking of what to do about it. Since I felt anger inside me, I couldn’t think clearly. Can you help me with this? I badly need your advice.
7/16/2018 1:13:31 PM
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Try to things you liked before you met your wife, and then think how was she your this hole seven year with you, if she was good
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Home » Marriage » My wife got impregnated by another man.