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3/3/2008 5:35:42 AM
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(When centered this poem looks like a neat shaped cup)

Carefully picking up the Holly Quran,
Pricelessly laying there in my hand,
Opening to see its words so pure,
The Dunya’s ever enduring cure,
Rhythm flowing from within,
Like a heart beating, clean of sin,
Pace by Pace by pace its words flow,
Alif, Lam, Meem, only Allah knows,
Scholars argue about what they think,
However the words are simple in ink,
It came down thru the ages passed,
Unchanged and forever will last,
Unfailing in love,
Given from Allah Above.

Copyright ©2006 Heather El Khiyari
All rights reserved.

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8/14/2013 9:07:04 PM
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Nice Big Grin
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