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1/18/2010 8:03:24 PM
Posts 34
Salam Alaikum Everyone,

http://al-islami.com/ is in need of a Website Designer. If anyone would like to volunteer to do this job at no cost, just for the sake of Allah, to receive reward from Allah then please do contact me at support@meetmuslimsingles.com and tell me about your experiance. Please do be experianced in web design as I would like to refer someone to them who would help them out with a nice looking site to help them in their efforts to serve and please Allah and helping out with the Ummah, Inshallah.

Sister Heather
3/16/2010 3:39:41 PM
Posts 2
Assalaam Alaikom Sister; Never the mind that I am Shia so I don't want to hear it OK? OK, well I have some experience and with [FL] so if you want to tell me what you need for the sake of ALLAH then email me at: < v1rusmak3r@yahoo.de > and you tell me what you need and I have 5 weeks before class resumes and I will do whatever I can to help you. InshALLAH.

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