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3/3/2008 5:40:01 AM
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Sitting with my eye lids closed,
Inhale and exhale,
My lungs consuming my life’s source,
My gift from Allah, Subhanallah.

In many moments, thoughts overtook me,
Leading me down a sharp turning path,
A path that lead me fare from where I belong,
Away from my resting place, away from home.

It was in those moments that I first saw my reflection,
A figure that was full of imagination that lacked reality,
When my true reflection appeared before my eyes,
I turned as if to run, but I had lost my way.

There I sat with my eye lids closed,
Inhale and exhale,
My lungs consuming my life’s source,
My strength given by Allah, Subhanallah.

Fragile like a glass figure, tipping over destined to brake,
Then, at the speed of light, I was saved,
A step backwards looking for the path,
Became a double step closer to salvation.

I then begin to think back in time,
To the place where my first wrong turn was made,
I remembered the path that lead me astray,
To all the fun and laughs that became my sinful shame.

My eye lids opened,
Inhale and exhale,
My lungs expanding with each breath,
My life given by Allah, Subhanallah.

I took another step, followed by one more,
In confusion I stood but relived more so then before,
Weight that had tied me down, the chains began to break free,
I was bound to the right path with a rope pulling me.

As I gained strength bit by bit, I knew it was the right choice,
To follow Allah’s word, to imagine Jibriel’s voice,
In moments that felt like eternity as my heart raced in my throat,
I blamed myself and got rid of my escape goat.

With my eye lids wide open,
I see Jenna from hear,
As the Angle of death asks me, whom is it I fear?
None but Allah I so exclaim,
I know my beloved Allah by his sacred name.
As the Angle asks who is his last prophet on earth,
I say with a smile, oh Mohammad, for what it is worth,
Worth all my soul and faith in me,
Blinded but by Allah’s mercy I did see,
Such a moment I had wondered in darkness away,
But Allah so chose me to return that day.
So close did I come to the hell fires grasp,
But Allah threw me a rope for my soul to clasp.

Copyright ©2006 Heather El Khiyari
All rights reserved.

Co-Owner of MeetMuslimSingles.com
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Home » Poetry » Saved by Allah’s Mercy