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3/3/2008 5:41:29 AM
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Head lowered, hands outstretched,
Passing by, thinking you are a lie,
Another beggar with gold under your cloth,
Hidden, in clothing resembling a moth.

Empty utterances passing in the air,
Has life really treated you this unfair?
Harshly torn apart from humanity,
Utterances in lack of sanity.

Keeping your eyes to the ground,
Pictures that are formed by sound,
Elapsing into time,
Yet in Allah’s blessed prime.

Thoughts back to you, haunt my soul,
Has wrongful judgment taken its toll?
Where you an angle in mans cloth?
Angle, with the wings of a moth?

Sense when did Allah so test me?
With the hunger of a plea,
Or did my heart betray the mouth of one so needy,
Forming a picture of one so greedy.

In EMPTY hands outstretched,
Passed by, thinking you where a lie,
Yet, nothing but skin and bones under your cloth,
Hidden, in clothing resembling a moth.

Copyright ©2006 Heather El Khiyari
All rights reserved.

Co-Owner of MeetMuslimSingles.com
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10/11/2008 10:09:43 PM
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splendid poem...who is the poet?
11/18/2008 7:02:38 PM
Posts 34
turklands wrote:
splendid poem...who is the poet?

I am the poet, Heather El Khiyari, co moderator of MMS. Thanks for your compliment!
4/15/2010 5:53:54 PM
Posts 5
tears.................. i really liked this poem. and the content is so fitting as ppl will do more heckling toward a needy person than helping. every1'ns sooo judgemental, but little do we all realize sometimes that ALLAH ALMIGHTY could be and oft times more than likely is testing us with that person that we sooner find invisible than human. we may never know the persons whole story, or we may know it and not like it. but whatever their story is it intertwines with our's because us passing the person by will most likely be a sore spot on the day of standing we we are asked about everything we did and did not do, and having humanity will no doubt be one of those things.
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