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10/30/2016 9:15:32 AM
topic: Im searching fr be my good husband.

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Are you a practising muslimah? I'm looking for a practising muslim wife to marry
10/29/2016 2:48:04 AM
topic: Marriage Events

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Ray1 wrote:
asalam alikum,

since i register here; i received responses in the beginning however for long i am not getting any responses. i can understand that if someone would be interested; he would off course send me. i am an educated 34 years lady really surprised that i couldnt find a good match for me. i dont know why it is really difficult to find a person to have nikah with him. i think the idea of chat room is good where all the people could have chatting and intial introductions.

respected sis , do not worry about that. Insha Allah you will find the best one. Keep the hope that ALLAH is brining someone best for you and mostly the best thins happen without expectation.
10/29/2016 2:23:12 AM
topic: A chatroom

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asalam alaikom respected muslim borthers and sisters ,, i have seen many people are in favor of chatroom but for me , i think it will not be a good option. i have seem some chat rooms where people violate the environment and mostly they abuse our respected sisters because they do not know their personality. Many people are not serious for nikah and want something different and such people spoil the chat rooms environment. the private chat is better in this case. we should respect each other and if someone is not interested to talk to you , you must let them to their own rather than bothering or abusing. May ALLAH give them the best match who are serious for nikah.. best of luck to all brothers and sisters.
10/24/2016 11:12:33 AM
topic: is there any practising muslim women for marriage?

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Still searching for a practising muslim future wife please contact me
10/17/2016 10:40:26 AM
topic: Why are divorced women undesired?

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I am a new Muslim age 54 and I don't mind if you are divorced and have children.
10/12/2016 6:11:33 AM
topic: is there any practising muslim women for marriage?

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Wa alaikum Salam are you a practising muslim woman? Then contact me inshAllah
10/9/2016 4:36:18 PM
topic: need a muslim future husband

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Call me some time 720 545 4580
10/1/2016 5:23:52 PM
topic: need a muslim future husband

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maulia wrote:
assalamuallaikum hey i am maulia from indonesia i am 22 years old but gonna be 23 this years InshaAllah i am muslim am working as a nurse delevry baby and doing medicine treatmeant...i am looking for a good muslim man whos ready for married min age 25 and max 31 years old.....any one interest with me plz check my profile and left the massage and know me more and more....may Allah bless us Always aamiin ty so much :-)
9/26/2016 11:06:34 AM
topic: I'm looking for unmarried or divorce man age 43 to 47

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hi assalamualakum
9/25/2016 12:31:34 PM
topic: seeking for simple woman

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In few lines i will say who knows we make asbab , a man who is seeking for a woman heaven is also in earth if din is present in your lifestyle
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